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CMAA Central PA Chapter Awards Committee Plan

March 1,2023

Committee Chair: Timothy Gingrich, CCM

The purpose of this plan is to identify and implement the items listed below in order to get the newly formed CMAA Central PA Chapter’s Awards Committee established as well as issue Achievement Awards for well deserving construction projects.

The following are crucial for a successful awards committee:

1.      Committee Members – As of today, only 2 members are part of this committee: Committee Chair will work the Chapter board and members to enlist more members of this committee.

2.      Establish Recurring Award Committee Meetings – Like the scholarship plan, once the committee members are identified, Chair will set up recurring meetings to discuss committee business. 

3.      Develop Criteria and Contractor Form for Awards– Committee will develop the criteria and contractor form for the Chapter to issue achievement awards. Chair received info from Baltimore Chapter which was used as a guide. Chair will issue criteria and contractor form to board for approval.

4.      Develop Committee Checklist for Awards Selection – Chair received info from Baltimore Chapter which was used as a guide. Once criteria is finalized, committee will develop the committee checklist for award selection.

5.      Identify Type/Cost of Award – Committee will identify options of various awards with associated costs for Board approval. Committee will research other chapters’ awards as potential options. Plaques are typically presented to the winners for other chapters. Committee will research vendors/pricing and give options to the Board.

6.      Fund Raising – As with the Chapter and other committees, funds are needed to issue awards. A goal of one award for 2021 is achievable. Chair will work with the committee and Chapter to establish fundraising events and activities in order to support the new awards program.

7.      Identify Awards Selection Committee - Chair to develop selection committee with recommendations from the Board.

8.      Awards Implementation Date – As the Chapter has just started, our goal for awards will be three projects for 2022/2023. These can be awarded on May 27, 2022 at an awards ceremony to be determined.

9.      Application, Selection and Award Timeline – Committee to develop timeline which will identify due date for the award applications, selection process and Award announcement at the May Award meeting. Proposed timeline:


 i.      March  1, 2023 – Applications available


 ii.      May 5,2023  – Applications received

iii.      May 26, 2023 - Present Project Awards

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